All that you need to know about Fake ID July 24, 2019

All that you need to know about Fake ID

Fake IDs generally means Identity Document Forgery. Every country has defined a legal age which is referred to as the Age of Majority. As per the law, this age is considered as the threshold of adulthood. Usually, the legal age in all the countries is either 18 or 21; it completely depends on the countries law. On attaining this age, the individuals get legal rights to access many things like alcohol, gambling, etc. However, in today’s fast generation, the minors cannot wait to reach at this age to access all the things and get themselves a fake ID which recognizes them as an adult.

Fake ID is nothing but an illegal act where the original identities issued by the government are altered, tampered or copied by a person who is not authorized to do so. The documents that are generally forged are Driving License, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards and passports. These fake IDs are then used to get an entry in the casinos and purchasing alcoholic beverages and many serious crimes like identity theft, age duplicity, illicit immigration or for attempting an organized crime.

System Countermeasures

There are various ways in which fake IDs are identified. Different licensed premises use different methods. The easiest way to pass this test is through a cursory verification where the physical copy of the ID needs to be shown to the security guard. At the tougher side, there are places where the IDs are scrutinized by a well-trained examiner. They make use of technical tools for reading the biometrics as well as studying the hidden shielded features in the ID card. The school, college and office ID cards as typically easy to fake as compared to ones allotted by the government.

The photo in the ID was considered the most effective biometric way to verify but with building technology, the photos are easily forged using an image-altering software, low-cost-high-resolution printers and scanners.

With more advanced technology, people are able to create more intricate ID cards. These people make use of a paper-like material named Teslin which in reality is a micro-absorbent plastic. The card is made to run through a heat laminator when the holograms are applied to it. The ID card created this way differs in no way with the original ID.

There are many other ways through which people generate fake IDs as they opt for creating a ‘real fake’ which means a legitimate document comprising the false information. Over here, some people provide the issuing authority with the false credentials which are then sanctioned by the authority by issuing a new document. Another common and popular way is to bribe an officer involved in the document issuing task. This is how false integrity and credentials are rebooted over a period of time.

Moreover, online software’s are available for creating these fake ID cards where either the user can customize everything on his own with the available template or they are provided with a ready fake ID. One such recommended website is where you can get yourself a fake ID.

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