Articles about Identification Cards July 9, 2017

Articles about Identification Cards

Dominicans in Puerto Rico to get identification cards

May 4, 2005

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico The Dominican Consulate plans to issue identification cards to Dominican nationals living in Puerto Rico, similar to the ones issued by Mexican consulates in the United States, a diplomat said Tuesday. The consulate wants the cards to be recognized as valid IDs by police, banks, check cashing institutions and possibly the Department of Motor Vehicles, Dominican Consul General Eladio Espinal Villafana said. Espinal estimates about 300, Best Fake ID websites 000 Dominican migrants reside in Puerto Rico, many illegally.

Michael Dippy: We named him the 2010 Central Floridian of the Year, but now Dippy is gaining attention and appreciation across the nation. Dippy co founded an Orlando nonprofit called IDignity that helps the poor get the identification cards they must have to begin rebuilding their lives, whether it’s applying for a job, renting an apartment or opening a bank account. This simple yet powerful idea is catching on; Dippy’s heard from dozens of cities that want to start their own programs. Seventeen people were charged as a result of the two year investigation that spanned the state, fake ids the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported. “This is a very significant arrest,” FDLE Special Agent Danny Banks said. The suspected ringleader, identified by agents as Frederick Siplin, was previously arrested but died of a heart attack during the course of “Operation Cross Check. Police went to Travis Nave’s Pershing Avenue home Nov. 30, acting on a tip that he had a stolen vehicle and was involved in making false identification cards. When the vehicle was confirmed to be stolen, buy fake ids police were able to get search warrants for his home.

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