The Early Stages of Growing A Beard

The First Month of Beard Growth   Growing a beard is both stylistic and artistic at the same time. It is never a walk in the park as many people would assume. In fact, it is like starting out on an endless journey throughout your entire life from the time the first facial hairs appear on your face till the end of time. That is if you are willing to look unique and fashionable while…

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Beard Growing: The Definitive Guide

I’ve always been asked what my tips and tricks to growing my beard out and years of trial and error have helped me perfect it. Everyone wants a beard growing guide, so now I’m going to share with you my 7 simple tips to help you with beard growth and management!   #1 Lightly Trim Your Beard To keep your beard in check, I recommend doing some light trimming every few weeks. But I thought…

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Should You Have a Beard Transplant? Here is What You Should Know.

Lots of men possess the need to grow a thick, full beard. Not all men make it happen, however, for this reason procedures including beard transplants have risen in recognition. A beard transplant does what your genetics along with other factors won’t permit you to do. Hair is obtained from another part of the body (normally the scalp) and transplanted to your face, or wherever a beard or mustache may grow. Beard transplants came a…

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