Top 10 Best Beard Shirt Christmas Gifts

Looking for the perfect beard shirt Christmas gift? I love a good shirt. Good in my definition does not only represent make, color and material but also what is written on the shirt. A good shirt is always a great touch to a good season. Christmas season is a worldwide season and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm, your shirt should bring out the message and your joy. The most notable sigh of Christmas…

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Ankara bomber infiltrated Turkey with fake ID

Ankara bomber infiltrated Turkey with fake ID The perpetrator of the suicide bomb attack that killed at least 28 people in Ankara on Feb. 17 entered Turkey with a fake identity, an initial report within the investigation into the deadly bombing has revealed. He also said he was a Syrian national, the report prepared by Turkey’s counterterrorism and intelligence police has revealed, based on a comprehensive study that conflicts with statements made in the aftermath…

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Bill would crack down on fake ID use

Bill would crack down on fake ID use Rep. Robert Shadoin, R Ruston, right, talks to an observer of the House Transportation Committee after he testified about a bill before the committee Monday.(Photo: Tryfon Boukouvidis/Manship School News Service)BATON ROUGE The House Transportation Committee Monday favorably sent to the full Senate for consideration House Bill 487 by Rep. Terry Landry, D New Iberia, which prohibits “novelty, unofficial, or fraudulent credentials intended to simulate” government issued…

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