Bill would crack down on fake ID use February 18, 2017

Bill would crack down on fake ID use

Rep. Robert Shadoin, R Ruston, right, talks to an observer of the House Transportation Committee after he testified about a bill before the committee Monday.(Photo: Tryfon Boukouvidis/Manship School News Service)BATON ROUGE The House Transportation Committee Monday favorably sent to the full Senate for consideration House Bill 487 by Rep. Terry Landry, D New Iberia, which prohibits “novelty, unofficial, or fraudulent credentials intended to simulate” government issued identification.

Office of Motor Vehicles Deputy Assistant Secretary Staci Hoyt said people sometimes use novelty IDs to illegally obtain vehicles.

Rep. John Stefanski, R Crowley, said the proposed law would prevent people who misrepresent a fake ID as a novelty ID from using this excuse when charged with the crime. scannable fake ids The bill is sponsored by Rep. Robert Shadoin, R Ruston.

Shadoin said he proposed the bill on behalf of the Louisiana Bankers’ Association to help rural areas of the state, where there are many elderly people who often forget the bureaucratic niceties to a legal transaction.

David Beneno, general counsel for the bankers association, believes the measure “would help facilitate” the paperwork needed. filltrustid

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