Campaign launched to tackle fake ID use April 29, 2018

Campaign launched to tackle fake ID use

Insp Matt Newman, of Cambridgeshire police, said: “We are all aware of the potential consequences of under age drinking, including disorder and anti social behaviour.

“This initiative is designed to prevent young people from coming to harm by warning them of the risks of trying to gain entry to licensed premises.

“We have been working with the licensed premises and their door staff to implement a process which will help to tackle this problem and we are grateful for their support and enthusiasm.”Chairman of the Peterborough Evening Partnership Spencer Lloyd said: “Some young people will go to different lengths to gain entry to bars and clubs and unknowingly break the law.

“These include distorting their form of identification or buying fake ID cards. There have also been cases of stealing family members’ driving licenses and passports.”

He added: “Door staff have been trained on what to look out for when forms of identification are presented to them.

Mr Lloyd, general manager at Yates’s, fake id in Broadway, said confiscating the ID would prevent young people who had been turned away from one venue, trying their luck elsewhere.

To date, Cambridgeshire police have seized 13 provisional driving licences, eight full driving licenses and three passports.

Grahame Robinson, of Cambridgeshire police, said: “At the moment we have been looking at IDs and giving anything from severe words of advice, to letters to parents and in one or two cases looking at possible prosecution.”CITY pubs and clubs have spoken of their support for the campaign.

Sarah Childs (31), best fake id duty manager at The College Arms, in The Broadway, said: “We are all about promoting a safer environment for everyone to make sure we are not serving to under age people.”

Elizabeth Whatford (25), bar staff at O’Neill’s, in The Broadway, said she felt it helped protect young people who are likely to be unused to the effects of alcohol.

She said: “It’s dangerous. They are putting themselves at further risk.”

Cem Ozkan (32), general manager of the city’s Edward’s Bar, Flares and Reflex, best fake id said it helped raise awareness among young people of the consequences of using fake IDs.

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