Holder against Voter ID cards August 27, 2017

Holder against Voter ID cards

Here is a quote from Holder, do you agree? Do you find it interesting that no one can get into the Democratic National Convention if they do not have a picture ID, but you do not need one to vote?

“some of the achievements that defined the civil rights movement now hang in the balance.”

Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking before the Council of Black Churches, decrying efforts in some states to require voters to show identification.

LauraGTposted 5 years ago in reply to this

It doesn’t disenfranchise those groups entirely obviously, many of them have IDs and vote, but for those who don’t already have IDs, it puts up greater obstacles having to pay fees to get birth certificates or other legal documents, etc and fees to get the IDs themselves. These types of obstacles disproportionately affect poorer groups and make it less likely for them to go through the hassle. Here they will accept seven different types of ID. Honestly I don’t know what all seven are, but I do know it was a hardship clause for those who could not afford it they could get a free ID card from the state.

Let me Ask you this, do you really think poorer groups do not have ID? If they work they will need ID to cash their check. If they live in an apartment, they will need ID in order to rent in the first place, if they are on welfare or section 8, they would have needed ID to get on the program. Again I don’t see the obstacles there that everybody claims.

I am a former New York firefighter, I was at 9/11. Over the years since then I have developed health issues. December 2010 I almost died. I’ve been sick for several years leading up to it, and ended up on a ventilator and life support. During that time, I obviously was not working. I lost my house and truck, my kids pack up all my belongings and put it in storage. Over time I ran out of money and lost the storage. In the storage was everything I owned, Fake IDs right down to my drivers license, social security card, birth certificate. When you are in long term care, Social Security disability in its ultimate wisdom says while in a facility and recovering for your health you are only entitled to $30 per month. I guess you could understand how difficult it is for someone to live on $30 a month. Only recently, just three months ago, I finally was healthy enough to leave the facility.

When I was a kid a small town in upstate New York if I remember correctly it was like a town of 30 or 40 people inside of a huge County. When the returns came in during Nixon’s reelection, this 100% Democrat voting town had 100 votes, something like 60 or 70 votes for Nixon.

At the end of the day, it didn’t affect the election in any way other than to show that there could be small pockets of fraud. Voter ID cards would eliminate any possibilities of fraud. It also eliminates those who should not vote such as convicted felons and illegal aliens.

But ask yourself this question, does not matter to me who you were voting for or who you were supporting in 2000, but just think if there was a small pocket of voter fraud in Florida.

Ann1Az2posted 5 years ago in reply to this

I guess what bothers me about this whole issue is that voting is a right we have as American citizens; it’s not a privilege, as some in our Government would have us believe. Therefore, why do I need an ID for something I have the right to do? Maybe a better way to handle it would be for voters to be required to have a birth certificate. Any illegal alien can come up with an ID card or a Green card. But if they aren’t legal citizens, they don’t have the right to vote as far as I’m concerned.

Teamrn, I live in Texas and they have a law that you have to pay all tickets before they issue a driver’s license or ID card. So suppose the election comes up and you still owe on a ticket and don’t get it paid in time? No ID no vote.

American View I don’t think ID cards would not get rid of all the unwanted votes because ID cards can be forged. I’m not sure what you are referring to in Florida in 2000 unless you’re talking about the problems they had with the chads.

I just think requiring an ID for voting is just one more requirement we don’t need. Imagine if there was voter fraud, Good Fake IDs Al Gore would’ve become President. Or look at the election where Al Franken was elected. He only one by 12 votes. Once more imagine fraud either having elected him or electing his competitor. Fraud can change an election especially in these times where people are so divided and elections are so close.

Can voter IDs get rid of every unwanted voter, of course not because no system that could be proposed will be flawless, remember the old saying where there’s a will there’s a way. But voter IDs as of now would be the best course to illuminate fraud. Perhaps someday in the future technology will allow a person to walk in the door just stick their thumb on a pad and they would be identified.

As you point out here in Texas about tickets, I think you missed the point about the person who did not pay his ticket. You do realize that getting a ticket for the crime, basically even though it’s minor you broke the law. Getting a ticket is easier than having a police officer arrest you and bring you to court where a judge would release you on bail until the court date. So basically you are out on probation until your ticket is paid. Not paying your ticket adds to the crime. Committing a crime as a punishment, in this case not voting is punishment. They could just as easily put you in jail. I know some will say that was a silly analysis, but that’s how works. When people commit crimes they lose rights, if you’re convicted felon you lose the right to vote. You can get that right back by applying to the courts and having you credit back, but not before your term and probation have been fully served. But there is not a system that cross references is somebody is under probation or a convicted felon when they fill out a voter application form, so when they do that a car is just sent to them and they show up and voteyou

You are correct that voting is a right, but it’s also a privilege. Just because it’s your right doesn’t mean you have to, therefore doing something that is your right is a privilege. Wow, getting a little philosophical there, I’m starting to sound like Buddha LOL, I guess I should end it their

teamrnposted 5 years ago in reply to this

“Therefore, why do I need an ID for something I have the right to do? ” You shouldn’t need an ID to so something that is your right. Fake IDs

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