Lawsuit Threatened Over Memphis Library Photo ID Card Controversy October 20, 2017

Lawsuit Threatened Over Memphis Library Photo ID Card Controversy

(Memphis) Early voting is underway at Bethel Church in Bartlett and other polling places in Shelby County.

An issue not on the ballot, the new Memphis public library ID card and whether it’s a valid form of photo identification for voting, is getting a lot of attention.

He said, “Some places they let you use student ID. What’s the difference between a student ID and library card as long as there is a picture and an individual and it’s signed?”

A student ID however, is not a valid form of photo ID in Tennessee.

He says the library ID card controversy could likely end up in court, “We are monitoring that situation closely and if individuals who don’t have any form of state and federal issued ID except for the library card (can’t vote), we will be looking into a lawsuit on their behalf.”

Voters without a proper ID will be offered a provisional ballot.

The state and Shelby County Election Commission officials have said the library card photo ID cannot be used since it is not issued by a state or federal agency.

Robert Myers is chairman of the county election commission. Fake IDs Myers said, “According to essentially our boss in Nashville, the coordinator of elections for the state of Tennessee, they are not valid.”

But there are other forms of ID such as a driver’s license that can be used to vote.

Myers said, “If you don’t have a driver’s license with your photograph, but you’ve got an old one with your photograph that will work or you have a passport or other government ID, those will also work. So, we really haven’t had an issue (with library card ID) as of yet.”

Still, Turner says Tennessee’s state law about photo ID’s is vague for municipalities and the Democratic Party plans to make sure everyone can vote, “I think it’s something that’s political and something meant to keep certain individuals in our community away from the polls.”

In Tennessee, fake ids in addition to being a registered vote, you will need a valid photo ID. This means that someone who is 60+ who decides to not obtain a photo ID or who for some reason is unable to obtain a photo ID, can still vote as long as they are registered.

Voters are reminded that written requests for an absentee ballot should be sent to the Shelby County Election Commission at 980 Nixon Drive, Memphis, TN 38134. Requests for an absentee ballot are accepted no more than ninety (90) days and not less than seven (7) days before an election. Applications must be in the office seven (7) days before any election, and requests or applications received after this deadline must be rejected. This means, to vote in the Aug. 2 Election in Shelby County, a request for absentee ballot must be received by July 26.

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