Matricular ID cards at issue again November 4, 2017

Matricular ID cards at issue again

Five years after Lake County commissioners recognized matricular identification cards, typically used by Mexican immigrants, a local city council recently voted to not endorse the cards.

Painesville City Council adopted a resolution in effect saying that the city government and its employees, such as police, Best Fake ID websites will not accept the cards as a form of identification.

When a member of the Mexican consulate came before the Lake County commissioners in 2005, the card was recognized during a “ceremonial resolution,” Commissioner Daniel P. Troy said. Scannable Fake ID

He added that the card acknowledges the benefits of being a Mexican citizen whatever those benefits might be.

“At no point does this mean that the commissioners will accept this as a legitimate form of identification,” Troy said.

“We are creatures of statute. The statutes of Ohio do not allow us to recognize certain cards as a purpose of identification. Fake ID It was a goodwill gesture.”

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