Name changes complicate process to get REAL ID December 9, 2012

Name changes complicate process to get REAL ID

“I a little different because I was born in the mountains in a ranch,” said Louis Montoya. “There no doctors. There no churches. There nothing so when my parents had me, there was no record other that baptismal and that doesn count nowadays.”

Eighty years ago, Montoya was born as Luis Antonio Segura. But in school, everyone called him something else.

certificate has a Spanish first name, but all of their life they gone by the English equivalent, Bacon said. Juan to John so those are folks having to come through often to get their name changed as well for REAL ID. this year, Scannable Fake IDs she seen a drastic increase. In Bernalillo County, 477 name change cases were filed in 2014. That went up to 492 in 2015, then 593 in 2016. Keep in mind these numbers are for the entire year.

So far in 2017, there have already been 469 cases filed. It only May. District Court is projecting more than 1,800 name change cases by the end of the year.

more cases we have, the busier we are and the longer it takes for everyone to get their matter heard, Bacon said. if we dealing with name changes so that people can deal with getting their drivers licenses in a timely fashion, buy fake ids it may take longer say for a real estate dispute between parties to be heard by the court. So it has a domino effect. said at District Court, there 10 civil judges conducting anywhere between 10 to 15 name changes a day. The hearings are fairly quick. It the process of getting there that can take a while.

today the end of it, Montoya said.

To officially get your name changed, the judge will make sure the person isn changing his or her name to evade creditors or avoid law enforcement. The change will also have to be published in the paper to put others on notice.

to court can feel very intimidating, but for name changes, it a fairly friendly process and it an opportunity for us to interact with the public, Bacon said. fake ids a fairly simple process so don be intimidated for coming.

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