REAL ID a Real Issue July 8, 2014

REAL ID a Real Issue

Do you have a passport? Unless the state Legislature acts soon, you might need to get one. Beginning in January 2018, Washington driver licenses won be accepted at airport security checkpoints or at federal facilities where you need to show approved identification to enter.

The problem can be traced to the 2005 federal REAL ID Act, which requires identification that includes proof of citizenship in order to board commercial flights and enter certain federal buildings and other facilities.

In most states, driver licenses are considered proof of citizenship. But Washington is one of a handful of states where citizenship hasn been one of the questions asked on the driving test. The thought here has long been that all motorists should demonstrate their knowledge of traffic rules and ability to drive safely by obtaining a driver license, regardless of their immigration status. In part, this policy is motivated by the wishes of Eastern Washington, fake ids where farmworkers from Mexico and other Latin American countries often drive mechanized equipment and trucks on public roads.

The REAL ID Act was motivated by the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. A commission that studied the terrorist acts recommended that commercial aviation would be safer, and terrorists would be easier to detect, if passengers had to show identification that included proof of nationality.

The relative merits of each policy can be up for debate at another time. The Department of Homeland Security has set a deadline for Washington to be in compliance.

In addition to passports and wallet sized passport cards, the state offers a workaround in the form of the so called enhanced driver license or identification card. It costs $108 for six years double the cost of a driver license and requires the applicant to provide proof of citizenship, identity and residence. passport costs $110 plus a $25 fee for first timers and is good for 10 years for adults. buy fake ids

The most recent proposal to avoid leaving people stranded at the airport comes from state Sen. Curtis King, R Yakima, and Rep. Judy Clibborn, D Mercer Island, who head the Senate and House transportation committees.

At the request of the state Department of Licensing, they pre filed bills for the upcoming legislative session that provide a partial fix, or at least reduce confusion.

Their proposal calls for clearly marking standard Washington driver licenses as not valid for federal ID purposes. Instead, drivers would be encouraged to buy the enhanced driver license. As an incentive, Scannable Fake IDs the cost of the enhanced driver license would be reduced for the next four years from $108 to $90.

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