‘Smart Cards’ Proposed To Replace Today’s Driver’s Licenses Id Would Have A Chip With A Fingerprint Match November 3, 2017

‘Smart Cards’ Proposed To Replace Today’s Driver’s Licenses Id Would Have A Chip With A Fingerprint Match

‘Smart Cards’ Proposed To Replace Today’s Driver’s Licenses Id Would Have A Chip With A Fingerprint Match. State Legislator Says It Would Help Reduce Fraud.

June 08, 2000by BRIAN MCDONALD, The Morning Call

Hoping to curb identity fraud, a state lawmaker introduced legislation Tuesday that would require the Department of Transportation to replace today’s driver’s licenses with high tech “smart cards.”

If enacted, Pennsylvania would be the first state to use the cards, which proponents say would cut down on fake identification cards.

“The smart card gives us a technological advantage in keeping one step ahead of the criminal element in society and protecting individuals against misuse of their name and, sometimes, even their reputation,” said Rep. Tom Petrone, D Allegheny, the bill’s sponsor.

Citing an incident involving a Philadelphia convict who obtained 65 fake welfare cards to receive extra benefits, buy fake ids Petrone said it is too easy for criminals to make false IDs and use them to commit fraud.

For example, a criminal easily can cash someone else’s check at a bank by providing fake identification, he said.

But with the smart card technology, using the fake ID would be impossible because a matching fingerprint image would be the only way to correctly identify the person.

A smart card has an embedded computer chip and can store such information as the driver’s identification number, name, address, birth date, Social Security number and a fingerprint image. That information can be used or accessed only by the person identified through a PIN number or fingerprint.

Information that would assist police officers, such as driving record and proof of insurance and fines owed, also can be stored on the card’s chip. Under the bill, PennDOT would determine what information would be listed on the card’s face and stored within the chip. buy fake ids

Petrone said he wasn’t sure how much the new technology would cost the state.

Rich Kirkpatrick, PennDOT’s press secretary, said the agency hasn’t taken a position on the bill yet.

If the bill passes, the driver’s license will look similar to the current one. The driver’s identification number, color photograph, signature and expiration date still would be shown, along with other information that would be required by PennDOT.

Smart cards, created by France’s Banking Association in 1989, have been proved to reduce traffic violations, improve control of the driving population and increase fine recovery rates in nations that are using the technology, said Ron Elmore, a representative from Gemplus Co., Scannable Fake IDs a French smart card manufacturer.

The cards are used in North America but mainly as security for information systems. Elmore said Mexico recently passed legislation that will store auto insurance data on the card’s chip.

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