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The First Month of Beard Growth


Growing a beard is both stylistic and artistic at the same time. It is never a walk in the park as many people would assume. In fact, it is like starting out on an endless journey throughout your entire life from the time the first facial hairs appear on your face till the end of time. That is if you are willing to look unique and fashionable while keeping abreast with the ever-evolving world of fashion. Just like any other thing in your life, growing a beard needs to have a start from scratch as you nurture it towards achieving your desired level. That is why this article looks into these comprehensive steps that you need to follow for you to achieve your goal. We will show you how to grow beards in order to look unique and appealing to your peers. Growing a beard is easy!

At Free The Beard, we have the tips to get your dream beard. We believe that personal hair growth extends far and beyond the beard but can be groomed to give you a completely new look from what your friends are used to. Even though people grow beards for various reasons such as religious or some cultural, this trend is now becoming a norm among celebrities and other people of great interest.

The first month of your beard growth comes with a lot of anticipation and surprises and that is the reason we are here to give you an insight into what you need to do to look great. Recommended products coupled with good practices in the initial stages of taking care of your facial hair can really determine the outcome in a few days. All you need is to identify the type of beard you would wish to have and everything else will follow suit.

Well, if you are still in doubt with the type of beard you want, there are many factors to guide you. Your father or grandfather could be a good inspiration where you can simply learn the nature and the pattern that your facial hairs follow in the course of their growth so you may have an idea of what you should expect. Sometimes, your beard might come out to be totally different from those among your family members but that should not worry you because you can come up with your own style. That is why the following guideline will help you to grow your dream beard without making any mistakes.


Stay Focused On That Which You Can Control


To begin with, your DNA should give you a blueprint of your facial hair growth specifically, the beard. This remains as the main factor that guides you all along and there is nothing you can do to change it. While others might have a full-grown beard with early balding, others might have a full head of hair with less or no facial hair at all. But for you to make up your mind to start having a beard definitely there is a sign of some facial hair growing on your face. As a matter of fact, this should serve as your first inspiration given that at least you have somewhere to start.


Your DNA controls your bear growth pattern.

Your DNA controls your bear growth pattern.


At Free The Beard, we take our pride in embracing what you have so we may find a better platform to kick-start working on growing your beard. Whether your beard is shorter or longer, what matters is your motivation and an urge to transform your facial appearance. For that reason, we are fully committed to helping you groom yourself with full confidence while accepting who you are and what you have in terms of your hair type and the nature of its growth.


Beard Itchiness


Perhaps you could have realized that as your beard grows, there is some sort of itchiness that always irritates you. Of course, there is a reason behind that observation which is mostly brought about by the disturbance created on hair follicles when shaving. On the other hand, your skin might react this way due to the fact that it is adjusting to the new growth of your beard. This itchiness can be more distracting and unpleasant, but when you use the right hair-care products, none of that can be experienced. Your new beard will grow without subjecting you to such an uncomfortable situation.

Beard Itchiness

Beard itch can be an annoying problem.


Therefore, we recommend you to invest in the beard oil (check out our definitive beard growing guide for more information) or you can use a top-quality Utility Balm to have an easy time grooming your beard. If you have curly facial hair, you will find Utility Balm to be quite effective in keeping your hair soft and your skin supple such that cases such as itching will be something of the past. On top of that, the extra viscosity nature of the Utility Balm can create a soothing effect to the hair follicles thus minimizing itchiness that is always common among those growing their beards.

Excessive Beard Flaking


In case you find out that you have excessive flaking as well as itching, chances are, you have seborrheic dermatitis. This is a skin condition that is prevalent among those with beards but it can be controlled through the right treatment. However, to know if you have seborrheic dermatitis, you should watch out for the following signs:

  • The flakiness occurring with changes in weather, stress or medication
  • Inflammation of the affected areas on your skin
  • A burning sensation on your skin after washing or when touched
  • Presence of yellow scaly flakes
  • If the above symptoms don’t respond to the regular conditioning or exfoliation

To overcome such a problem, you need to use T-Gel shampoo to wash those areas affected.


Patchy Beards


This is common especially when your beard is growing at the first time. It is caused by inconsistent in facial hair growth which is normal to almost every man. No matter how patchy it may look, you can still have it groomed to look good.


The awkward phase


The awkward phase can be said to be a stretch around two to three weeks of your beard growth. This is the period when you notice that your hair is relatively longer than subtle and a little shorter than the typical beard. Therefore, you will need a little more time to get out of this phase until your hair grows long enough to enable you to style it the way you want.

Shaving the neckline


Most men make serious mistakes when shaving their neckline when grooming their beards. This line is commonly referred to as “The Creeping Neckline” when you unknowingly shave your neckline a little further up the neck at the time of grooming. Great care is necessary when shaving your neckline to achieve the best results.




Great Success Beard!

Great Success Beard!


It is our hope that you found this article helpful if you are looking forward to growing your beard. With the right products, the tips you learned above can help you in acquiring that classic beard you’ve always dreamt of.

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