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Looking for the perfect beard shirt Christmas gift? I love a good shirt. Good in my definition does not only represent make, color and material but also what is written on the shirt. A good shirt is always a great touch to a good season. Christmas season is a worldwide season and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm, your shirt should bring out the message and your joy. The most notable sigh of Christmas is Father Christmas and as we call him Father Beard. Men, in particular, like to imitate him by having a beard during Christmas or wearing a shirt that has a message to do with a beard. I appreciate a good beard and a clear message to go with it. In this article, I will review 10 of our best shirts with a good beard message to feed you Christmas appetite.


This one is quite contradicting. Some with those dirty minds will not see anything to do with Christmas, but every opinion counts. The Christmas is the birth of Christ. And when one is born the most natural thing is they will suckle. Now you see where am headed. When Baby Jesus is born he gets boobs but later in life, He gets an awesome beard. Beard for boobs it is.


World Champion Beard Black T-Shirt


The Christmas chores sing about the birth of the champion of the world. With that in the picture, as the champion of the world is born a T-shirt labeled “WORLD CHAMPION BEARD” is a good choice to celebrate Christmas and pass the message.


I'm The Beard King Navy T-Shirt


Christmas is the birth of a King. A salvation king. Christmas can also be the birth of a different king. The bearded king. And who better to be the beard king than you? And as people celebrate the birth of the salvation king celebrate yourself as the beard king.


This Beard Is Taken Oatmeal T-Shirt


Christmas, the season that Christians claim their biggest prize, Baby Jesus. This is a nice shirt at Christmas. It simply tells people, keep off my blessing, in this case, your beard. Leave them guessing what your beard has to do with Christmas.



Power of Silence Beard Black T-Shirt


Silent night, holy night. We all know the chorus. The power of silence beard T-shirt is a good one for the Christmas Eve. As you sing Silent night the T-shirt says what words cannot.

Not only that, silence has always been related to great strength. Great strength is what Christmas is about therefore this T-shirt blends well with Christmas.


I Saw Your Girl Staring At My Beard Red T-Shirt


I know you are asking, “What does this have to do with Christmas?” ask no more. Christmas season is the season where you should get it right. It doesn’t have to be all of it but what concerns you most. If your girlfriend is staring at my beard your end is loose.

This T-shirt has a hidden message, it puts it in details that ask from Jesus what will make your life a happy one. If it is the beard do pray for it. It may lead to your girlfriend changing sides. You don’t want that.

Working On My Santa Bod Green T-Shirt


You don’t want to enter Christmas season without your Santa Bod. You really don’t want to. This shirt has the message that gets you into the season mood. With a cool beard drawn in front of the shirt, you don’t have to go telling people Christmas is around the corner.

The T-shirt says it all for you. You can’t be working on your Santa body when its Easter time. You also can’t have the Santa’s body minus the beard. Children will definitely ask you “which Santa are you exactly?”


Do You Want A Beard Ride Christmas Leaf Green T-Shirt


We all remember when we were kids, long before we grew this good-looking beards. During Christmas season, we all looked forward to meeting Father Christmas. This was not only motivated by his gifts but his lap rides. “Do you want a beard ride” is a symbolic message for those rides. This T-shirt does not only have that message but also have the Christmas symbols. The reindeer, snowflakes and the Christmas tree.

This T-shirt, therefore, does not only have a good message on beards but it has the whole Christmas bouquet embedded. Another beautiful thing about this T-shirt the message has the word sleigh canceled. This means you don’t want a sleigh ride this Christmas you want a beard one. Quite clever. Right?


Beards Are Magical Brown T-Shirt


Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it, you feel it. You know it. You believe it. We all know the magic that beards impose on a man. Imagine the Christmas magic blended with the beard magic. What a feeling during Christmas?

A T-shirt with this message will immerse you in the Christmas mood and everyone who will read the message will have to jump in the beard magic trunk. This is a perfect message with a perfect timing for Christmas.


Shaving Says A Lot About A Man White T-Shirt


This one is my favorite. You are a man and nobody can take that from you but shaving when Christmas is on, it says a lot about you. With a well-maintained beard, you can wear this shirt to pass the message to the ones who have shaved their beard that it wasn’t worth it.

January shave the beard but during Christmas let us all have a beard equal to that of Father Christmas or even Jesus Himself. All pictures I have seen of Him he had such a good looking beard.


In conclusion, there is no bad shirt for Christmas. But to fully get Christmassy, a T-shirt with a message of beards is a great choice. It will not only honor the shepherds, Joseph himself or Jesus in His future but it will bring out any hidden messages that people never consider during Christmas. There is no better gift for Christmas like giving people something to think about. For the best beard shirts and shirts for bearded men please visit our shop to browse our entire collection!

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